ANTI-PRODUCTThe Deafening Silence of Grinding Gears

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After Operation have split up some members formed with their friends a new collective called “Protestera”. In comparison to “Operation” they deliver more midtempo A-Punk, but nonetheless it’s way more aggressive than Operation ever were. On top of it they added a drum machine to their line-up & somehow they managed it that it sounds like a real drummer!! Overall lyrical topic is the title “The Struggle Continues”. The Lp comes with a 32 pages booklet filled with political lyrics and indebt explanations about the topics they’re dealing with in both Swedish & English. Raging stuff!!


01. It Festers In Their Hearts
02. And Still We Suckle
03. Modern Day F-Word
04. Of Enemies In Mirrors
05. The Power Of Medusa
06. A Backlash Is Here
07. Corporate Tyrannicide
08. Stillborn (With Hardware)