CHONCYCommunity Chest

Genre: Powerpop
Label: Feel It
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SKU: 019172 Release Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2023


Choncy’s ‘Community Chest’ is an itch-scratching debut album shaped by post-punk, garage, and hardcore-adjacent music. The album confronts the trials and tribulations of the modern day workforce culture day-by-day in the Rust Belt. The four piece band out of Cincinnati, Ohio embraces their original punk sound through uniquely biting vocals and fluctuating shrill guitars, all kept together with a potent and driving rhythm section. The album was recorded to tape at Amish Studios with Joe Tellman in Nashville, Tennessee. “Company Man”, the album’s lead single, capitalizes on its post-punk rhythm and witty vocals, while “Beehive” parallels modern hardcore music. Choncy passionately shape their Midwestern identity across ‘Community Chest’ with an original sonic and visual prowess.


01. Dedication
02. Swatted
03. Table for Two
04. That Guy
05. Beehive
06. Chadmobile
07. Running
08. Company Man