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There’s certainly that “crust” touch to this band, what with their leanings towards a driving tempo extremely reminiscent of “Victim Of A Bomb Raid” era ANTI-CIMEX and just a touch of a more serious side of SORE THROAT and faster/thrashier DISCLOSE…now you know something, another high quality crust /d-beat release. Comes with nice lyricsheet and is housed in an inside/ out 350 gr. Cover


01. Abgesang
02. Befehl
03. Hanebüchen
04. Nabelschau
05. Am Ende
06. Wir sind Guten
07. Scheißreich
08. Kinderschnitzel
09. Panzer
10. Die Armen
11. Halblahm
12. Tag Im Bett
13. Innovation
14. Mahlstrom
15. Müde + Alt