Genre: Punkrock
Label: Tax Scam
  • 7" lim
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Devils Hole Gang were formed around 1975 from a bunch of Ilford, Essex musicians. The first incarnation featured Chris Elliott (guitar/vocs), Steve Riley (bass/vocs), Richard Ashman (guitar/vocs), John Kennett (vocs) and Nik Sands (percussion). Richard Ashman left leaving the core of Chris, Steve, John and Nik. Eventually John was kicked out and they continued as a three piece. Nik left the band’s drumming seat and concentrated on the ‘backroom scene’…..roadie, sound engineer, general dogsbody….and Kev Stevenson took over. It was Kev who played drums on the single here….unfortunately. A fourth band member Kev Beaumont joined on lead guitar/b vocs but it wasn’t to last. After a few gigs with the last line-up we decided to call it a day around 1980.

This single – as the only release know, and listed for over 300 bucks on discogs – is their only output, it was released in 1979.

Being number 61 on Johan Kugelberg’s famed „Top 100 Punk Singles“ and described as „an amazing thug / DIY mix – two ace cuts and one reggae song“ We’d simply like to add that the reggae tune is straight anarchistic politics and two out of these three guys look the straightest grungers you will ever see – in 1979.

If „Something to look forward to“ doesn’t get your crowd dancing n playing air guitar…kill you crowd!!!


01. Free The People
02. Isn't It?
03. Something To Look Forward To