EXHAUSTIONSurrounded By The Depths

Label: Destructure
  • LP
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SKU: 017043 Release Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2020


Taking influences from both sides of the Atlantic Exhaustion deliver an unforgiving hardcore assault. With ‘Surrounded By The Depths’ containing 12 tracks which weaver through many facets of hardcore bring medley of Scandinavian Kang punk, with the ferocity of Japanese hardcore, with a crushing sound similar to that of World Burns To Death and Deathraid.


01. Martial Step
02. Abomination
03. Faint
04. Before Passive Eyes
05. Nauseated Descent
06. Vaguest Concern
07. Another Wreckage
08. The Ultimate Onslaught
09. A Grey Frontage
10. Eroded Stones
11. Warping
12. Cult Of Ignorance