GOOD LOOKING SONConfirmed Bachelor

Label: Feel It
  • LP
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SKU: 019353 Release Date: Fri, 26 May 2023


First pressing of 300. The all-encompassing bid to mid-thirties singledom, sung from that lonesome, soulful heart of Good Looking Son is here to awaken 2023. Following 2021’s debut ‘Fantasy Weekend’ EP – the Cincinnati project anchored by Keith Harman (the Cowboys) on vocals + piano returns in roaring fashion with ten new originals, finished off with a nostalgic rendition of a Bee Gees classic. Jerome Westerkamp’s Checkered Flag Studios are once again the perfect basement analog backdrop for a caterwauling trip into blurry sixties-esque melodies, baroque tongue-in-cheek pop dashes, and liquored flurries of vocal brilliance that blossom across ‘Confirmed Bachelor’. The musicianship of the Queen City shines through with Westerkamp, joined by fellow Vacation (and Tweens) member John Clooney, and Andrew Jody (Barrence Whitfield & the Savages, Long Gones) contributing to the dynamism of tracks like “Long Form Girlfriend” and “Kathy’s Coming”. There’s a certain twisted middle-American pop thing that Good Looking Son clearly bend towards the future. The next level…who knows? But enough to at least nod that discerning ear forward while jangling keys drive the shot clock past double zero, that’s for sure. GLS leave this thing covered in glitter and great songwriting – castaways afloat in a vessel navigating one boozy mess of dirty water and sunshine pop.


01. Lovely Land of Massacre
02. Forty Night Stand
03. *Glasses Clink, Men Laugh*
04. Long Form Girlfriend
05. The Soft Open for the Cabaret
06. Lord Demon's Delight
07. Kathy's Coming
08. Glitter Everywhere
09. Confirmed Bachelor
10. The Unicorn
11. I Don't Think It's Funny