HEVNExtended Plays + Demo

Label: Ruin Nation
  • CD
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SKU: 018511 Release Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2022


9 Tracks from both 7″s plus the entire 12 track demo on one disc to keep it available and affordable! HEVN is one of the most impressive exports from Oslo / Norway – this as a mix of a freshly more crusty version of SO MUCH HATE go on rampage with more old school anarcho punk/crust… A Pissed off female vocalist in support of a full throttle soundtrack of powerful drums, guitars in a wide range of variety in songwriting and performing… Great! – Comes in an 8 panel cardboard folder.


01. Deal Death Terror
02. Dig Your Own Grave
03. Mad Surgeon
04. Free?
05. Homicidal Homeopath
06. Heartattack
07. All The Same
08. Cricifixiation
09. Last Words
10. Bonus Track (2005 Demo/12Tracks)