HUBERT PORTERCalypsos From Jamaica

Genre: Ska
Label: Dub Store
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SKU: 016559 Release Date: Sun, 01 Mar 2020


50’s Jamaican mento at its best, reissue of a double 10 inch album into one solid disc. Happy and delightful Jamaican mento played by local jazz musicians, recorded in the golden age of 78rpm


01. Names Of Funny Places
02. Millie
03. Not Me
04. Rum And Coconut Water
05. Miss Daisy
06. Old Lady
07. Miss Goosie
08. Ugly Woman
09. Bargie
10. Don't Fence Her In
11. Mass Charley Bell
12. Mary's Lamb
13. Mary Ann
14. Gal And Boy
15. Ten Penny Nail
16. Gimmie More