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In today’s music landscape its so easy to intellectualize “noise” since there isn’t much for the average listener to grab on to. You are made to feel stupid if you don’t get all the nonsensical bleeps and scrapes that every mediocre can swilling table stander can belch out. And then there are the reasons that noise music, yes I’ll call it music because that’s what the fuck it is, took hold in the first place, the real standouts, the people and bands that have made something wholly original and visceral and against conformity that you must take notice. Intensive Care falls firmly in that realm.
Coming from roots within the hardcore, metal and powerviolence scenes these cage rattlers employ a myriad of instruments including but nit limited to drums, bass, vocals, tape loops, junk, electronics and more to craft a stunning array of beat driven harsh noise and metallic industrial sounds that you can – if you’re not already destroying your surroundings – almost dance to.


01. Collapse
02. Failsafe
03. Idiopathic
04. The Integral Accident
05. Closure
06. Visible Distance
07. Failsafe (Sow Discord remix)
08. The Integral Accident (Like Weeds remix)