Genre: Psyche
Label: Bickerton
  • LP
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SKU: 015344 Release Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2018


It’s now three years that the Madcaps have been roaming France and its neighboring lands with their pearly, Italian guitars and their champagne old drums. With 150 shows under their belts, they managed to save up enough to head back to Kerwax recording studio, analog Mecca of Western France. While there they churned out their third album, Slow Down, recorded live with all four Madcaps together in the same room, all in an effort to capture on wax the energy from six months of touring that shaped this album.
If the first two albums were more the brainchild of lead singer Thomas, Slow Down evens things out with Bastien and newcomer Wenceslas asserting themselves as both singers and songwriters. Despite personnel changes and new musical directions, the Madcaps have never sounded more unified. They continue to gouge out their own particular rock and roll groove while leaving behind the adolescent garage of their beginnings. The pop melodies are still there, but the songs are more stripped down and spacious, leaving room for horns, piano, organs, congas and acoustic guitars, hitting by turn shades of rhythm and blues, soul, country western, and even calypso.


01. No Friend Of Mine
02. Come
03. She's So Hot
04. Fair Enough
05. Le Passe Muraille
06. Slow Down
07. Silver & Gold
08. Chill Pants
09. Hold On
10. Lost Morning Blues
11. Devil Money