Genre: Retrowave
Label: Sabotage
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SKU: 018838 Release Date: Thu, 01 Sep 2022


Nouveaux is a Synth-Pop project from Vancouver Canada comprised of Brian Gustavson (SPECTRES) Nathan Szilagyi (SPECTRES) and Michelle Smolnicki .
With musical backgrounds deeply rooted in post-punk and a mutual love for 80s New Wave, Minimal Synth and Italo Disco, the trio set out to create music that referenced their influences while incorporating modern synthetic elements. The dreary but beautiful backdrop of the Pacific Northwest in which all 3 band members spent their youth, has inspired Nouveaux’s unique sound. They strive to create Pop songs with depth, that are at times bright and dreamy, but are also tinged with echoes of melancholy. Their 9 track debut full length release features tracks that run the gamut from darker brooding gothic inspired tracks to danceable synth pop.


01. Illusions
02. Landscapes
03. First Glance
04. Start Again
05. Images In Motion
06. Dust On The Mirror
07. Paradise
08. Odesa Steps
09. The Night