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SKU: 018526 Release Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2022


Co-produced with Pozoin Banaketak this in the band’s third and brand new full length album!! 11 songs of emotional powerful pop (punk) including a new version of “Next Exit Wonderland”, and “Song for Jessie” that finally made it on an album! Coming with a 32 pages booklet, all original drawings by Muriel Moritz, an article by Noam Chomsky on the new war on terror and a lot more! Everything both in English and Spanish!


01. Song For Jesse
02. Guerre Civile
03. Among The Rocks
04. Prise De La Bastille
05. Get A Fuckin' Life
06. A Conversation With God
07. July 20th
08. Next Exit Wonderland
09. Tea Party
10. Mary Poppins
11. No Stripes On The Moon