TELESCOPESSongs Of Love And Revolution

Label: Tapete
  • LP
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SKU: 018423 Release Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2021


Songs Of Love And Revolution is a solar burst of trance inducing rhythms gripped at the helm by a wall of throbbing bass held in place by a swarm of encircling guitars. Lashed to the mast of this whirling dervish, incantations abound to dispel what is bound. This is the 12th album by The Telescopes, music for a four-piece ensemble that will never sound the same twice in any given environment or to any set of ears.


01. This Is Not A Dream
02. Strange Waves
03. Mesmerised
04. Come Bring Your Love
05. This Train
06. Songs Of Love And Revolution
07. You're Never Alone With Despair
08. We See Magic And We Are Neutral, Unnecessary
09. Haul Away The Anchor