THE WIRTSCHAFTSWUNDERPreziosen & Profanes (Singles & Raritäten 1980 - 1981)

Genre: Postpunk
Label: Tapete
  • LP
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Compilation with all singles, sampler contributions & rarities of the Limburg post-punk/neue welle/electro/left- field pioneers The Wirtschaftswunder. Including the songs from the first EP ‘Allein’ released in 1980 on War- ning/Ata Tak and the songs from the uber-single “Television/Kommissar” (ZickZack, 1980). Essential compila- tion of one of the most important German bands of the 80s.


01. Anruf Schallplattenfirma
02. Allein
03. So ist es
04. Politsong (Don't Listen)
05. Metall
06. Kommissar
07. Television
08. Ich steh auf Hagen (mit Wolfgang Luthe)
09. Träum was schönes