ZIKINZementua Armosaten

Genre: Oi!
  • MLP
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SKU: 018879 Release Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2022


Debut release of this young basque band from the town of Lekeitio, 6 tracks of dark-ish Punk with a melodic touch, with a wide range of influences such as a bit of Oi!, Hardcore and Post-Punk or even certain dashes of Death-Rock. Crispy stuff with fat and rough tone on the guitar and bass distortions that give a wide range of sound shades making it very personal. Short songs sung in Basque (“Zementua Armosaten” means “Having concrete for breakfast”) full of angst and rage that resound as a battle cry from the mental dirt we are trapped in.


01. Zementua Armosaten
02. Kakatzan Atrapata
03. Bixirik
04. Jodidu
05. Egun Zikiñak
06. Ahuhandi