BILLIAMAnimation Cel

Genre: Punkrock
Label: Erste Theke
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Artikelnummer: 020313 Release Date: Fri, 02 Aug 2024


Running straight off the jet like propulsion of his debut LP Corner Tactics and a series of 7 inches and Australian tours, Billiam has collected another 16 track LP with the first taste being given the name Maid Dress.
As eternally anxious and horrified as it is relaxed and confident, Maid Dress is an overtly honest and frank tale of insecurity backed by a warped Power Pop riff, boiled and smashed on the floor with bits of Tamborine everywhere. It sounds like Guided By Voices heard an unreleased Thin Lizzy song echoing through an abandoned cave and Useless Eaters tried to reconstruct it. It shows off a deeper layer of Billiams skin with the same „autismcore“ grit, more refined and confident while still being deeply terrified.
“Maid Dress is my attempt to explain why I’ve worn the exact same outfit since I was 13. It’s about how I always feel scared in the lipstick isle at chemist warehouse because I’m afraid a better man exists behind it, I wrote it while packing for a trip to WA in 2022 after realising every shirt I was stuffing inside of my suitcase was identical. It’s mostly a joke but there is probably a deeper meaning for my therapist to gain”.


01. Animation Cell
02. Maneater Three
03. Emotions
04. Carrot On Your Hand
05. Hydraulic Press
06. Protect The Emerald
07. Bash My Head Against A MYKI Pole
08. My Metronome
09. Segaworld (NSW Circa 1997)
10. The Fog
11. Cortizol
12. Alt Coffee
13. Matinee Show
14. Maid Dress
15. Hit The Brakes
16. Shawn Kerri's Grave