CHACALON Y LA NUEVA CREMAGrandes Éxitos 1976-1981

Genre: South America

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This compilation originally appeared in 1982 under the title of “Éxitos, éxitos, éxitos”. It gathered some of the first recordings by Chacalón y La Nueva Crema that were released on 7-inch records between 1977 and 1981. These twelve themes were written during the years of the de facto government of Francisco Morales Bermúdez. This dictatorship led Peru to an institutional and economic crisis that also affected major record labels, which opted to publish foreign musicians to insure sales. Although Chacalon’s career experienced highs and lows after the release of this album, his intimate relationship with his audience remained, carried to levels as extreme as the ones he told Caretas magazine in July 1983:
„Once we were playing at a venue on Mexico Avenue, I was singing a song called “Llanto de un niño”, about a boy who was born in poverty, he has to leave his small town with his family. On the coast his father becomes a fisherman and dies, the son wants to send a letter to heaven. While I was singing, a guy who was there, at the front, pulled a switchblade and cut open his veins. He saved himself and then told me later that he had suffered a lot like the child in the song. Yes, the man had been drinking.”


01. Ven Mi Amor
02. Lágrima De Amor
03. Amor, Por Qué?
04. Sufrir Llorar, Para Qué?
05. Amor Ideal
06. Soy Provinciano
07. Poco A Poco
08. Porque La Quiero
09. Dame Tu Amor
10. Ese Amargo Amor
11. Señor Ten Piedad De Mí
12. La Paz Y La Dicha