DAVID NESSELHAUFAfrokraut II: The Lowbrow Manifesto

Label: Legere
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Artikelnummer: 015559 Release Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2018


“Afrokraut II: The Lowbrow Manifesto” returns to the place where David Nesselhauf imagined a world of peace, unity and impossible dreams with the release of “Afrokraut” in 2016. Now, with “Afrokraut II” David Nesselhauf expands into space.
David Nesselhauf is unlike any other musician, producer and arranger you know. Through the tiny window of his laboratory he observes the stars. Using self-made antennas and ancient tape machines, he records electromagnetic waves sent from outer space. Played in reverse at triple speed he manages to decode the information herein without much use of psychoactive substances. On “The Lowbrow Manifesto” Nesselhauf collects these fragments and tells stories from a future mankind which seems to live scattered across the universe. They communicate their secret thoughts and wishes through music, painting a picture about what is to come for us all.
Using a colourful palette of sounds, selected stories got further enhanced by David Nesselhauf to a digestible, funky and contagious new album. „Afrokraut II: The Lowbrow Manifesto“ documents Nesselhauf’s journey backwards through future, dedicating his work to the heritage of “Afrokraut” history, a brief episode when Krautrock got funky (and David Nesselhauf wasn‘t even born at that time). As with the first episode of “Afrokraut”, good friends appear as guest musicians: Lucas Kochbeck and Axel Feige (both, like Nesselhauf himself, members of Diazpora) and Soulamadou, patron of Nesselhauf‘s favourite club, the Souledge in Hamburg/Germany.


01. Intrologue
02. Never Take It feat. Soulamadou
03. Space Station
04. Solaris
05. Meteorites
06. Everlost
07. Believe It feat. Axel Feige
08. Transneptunians (I)
09. Transneptunians (II) feat. Soulamadou
10. Orion Safari
11. The Void
12. Celeste
13. I Wanna Go Back feat. Axel Feige
14. Repitaph