DEISON & MINGLEEverything Collapse[d]

Genre: Postpunk
Label: Africantape
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Artikelnummer: 013764 Release Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2014


North-east Italy, late summer 2013: Cristiano Deison and Andrea Gastaldello (aka Mingle) meet online and begin to lay the foundations for what will be their first project together. Out of this comes Everything Collapse[d], an album centred around melancholy and desolation; a concept that does not leave much hope, forcing you to look within yourself. A foreign body coming from far away: sidereal matter which is about to implode; an object that has reached its limit. And everything collapses, swallowed up by itself. Recorded and produced between Mingle’s Tower Home Studio and Deison’s 1st Floor Studio, Everything Collapse[d] is a perfect union of our two sounds: drones, field recordings and processed loops intermingled with disturbed rhythms, melancholy harmonies and piano chimes. A gloomy and dirty electronic sound that turns into an extremely evocative score which is full of pathos. A precise, precious and cosmic album… One Million Parsec From Your Sun.


01. optnokinetic reflex (glassy eyes) 
02. everything collapses 
03. nessun desiderio (decimaction) 
04. out of the blue (rain) 
05. settled apathy (hospital) 
06. one million parsec from your sun 
07. an estranged perspective (time off) 
08. static inertia