DESTRIPADOSLenguas Venenosas

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360 copies, Screenprinted covers + Insert & Dowload code
Apocalyptic d-beat (with battering drums and grinding bass) meets chainsawing Scandinavian raw punk on ‘Lenguas Venenosas’! Destripados feature members from all over—Perú, Colombia, and California—mixing an all-important immigrant perspective into their high-energy/high-speed hardcore. Links to killer bands like Dödläge, Frecuencia De Muerte, and Genogeist should help to amplify your anticipation.


01. Moment Of Destruction
02. Destruyendo Teles
03. Systematic Indoctrination
04. Deadly Pathogen
05. Eat 'N Shut Up
06. Warmind
07. Lenguas Venenosas
08. Trust In Your Self