FASTBACKSMural Theatre Seattle August 25 1986

Genre: Powerpop
Label: Bachelor
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We are always excited about our new releases but this one is pretty pretty special. Oh-my-god-I- cannot-believe-it special. One of our all-time favorite bands is releasing a record on our label. Boom!
Early in the 90ties as I dived into our little punkrock microcosm I found their ZU?CKER album and I immediately knew that this is a special band for me, too sugary for the punks, too rocknroll for the poppunks haha, to weird for the now emerging grunge scene, but still, my little pocketband I told everyone about. And with Glitterhouse Germany running the Sub Pop Europe business, all of their records were available and not expensive. I never saw them live, although I had tickets to their show in Innsbruck, Austria, when they were touring with Pearl Jam, but as fate would have it, their van broke down the day before in Milano, Italy. Goddamnit!
“Trouser Press” once said the FASTBACKS were “always good but never trendy”, now THAT sounds like a perfect fit to Bachelor Records. This live show from 1986 (!!!) captures HOW GOOD they were, how fun their shows must have been and how much fun they had on stage. After Kurt Bloch himself remastered this show for a CD release, we thought this has to be pressed on vinyl of course too! And here you have this whole show (with the exception of the first two songs, the CD version has the audience recording of it, but it is not on the LP, which features the whole multitrack recordings)


01. Only at night
02. K Street
03. Good Lovin’
04. You Will Be The One
05. In America
06. Apologies
07. Seven Days
08. Wrong Wrong Wrong
09. The Lights Are On
10. Somebody To Live
11. Says Who?
12. I Need Some Help
13. Set Me Free