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Francesco Goats, Giacomo Porta D’Oro and Stiopa, i.e. 3/4 of the punk band Kobra found themselves without a drummer begin to rehearse no longer in the rehearsal room but in Giacomo’s living room, with an electronic drum kit and a synth. From those playful afternoons come the first 5 songs that will form the EP Società Mentale.
The sound of Festa del Perdono is inevitably rooted in the members‘ more than decade-long punk background; they have played in Spirito di Lupo, Kalashnikov Collettive, Mirrorism, Cerimonia Secreta, Anno Omega and many others and are the founders of the collective/label Sentiero Futuro Autoproduzioni.
The band’s imagery and lyrics, on the other hand, move away from the typical nihilism of punk to a very personal anarchic mysticism. Cosmic cycles, spirit guides, millenary prophecies, mediumistic powers, angels, and secret societies are the themes dealt with in the evocative lyrics. The group can also be understood as a philosophical project, an attempt to broaden the field of the possible with the aim of creating a new generation of prophets perpetuated through the only language now possible: that of ‚art, in this case through the medium of pop song.
In these early songs one can still strongly hear the influence of the Italian punk of bands like Stigmathe, Wretched, and Contropotere but shaken with the dreamy atmospheres of Franco Battiato’s mystical pop of the 1980s.
The assault on pop by these punk rockers has a clear message: the discovery of the true Self, the widening of psychic boundaries, and the blurring of the dream dimension into reality are the tools of liberation we need in these dark times. Let the catchy sound of these songs ferry you to the discovery of a new dimension.
„Spirits I hear cheerful your call, society is a lie that keeps us from golden afternoon, from golden afternoon.”


01. Società Mentale
02. Sentiero
03. Corpo Di Smeraldo
04. Il Primo Freddo
05. Pomeriggio Dorato