Label: Iron Lung
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Artikelnummer: 017576 Veröffentlichung: Sun, 21 Feb 2021


When Iron Lung Records hosted a weekend of shows to celebrate our 10 years of being a label we secretly recorded a bunch of the sets hoping to catch some magic. We knew that the two bands were collaborating with the intention of doing a one-time performance especially for us which is a beautiful thing on it’s own and a true testament to that group of people being 10 steps ahead of most bands anyway. We knew it would be intense but holy shit… to say that GAS CHAMBER and BLACK IRON PRISON are merely „intense“ is a gross understatement. They are relentlessly and deeply immersed in their own musical world of mental, spiritual and physical annihilation. This would prove to be GAS CHAMBER’s final performance. 500 copies on black 150gr vinyl housed in a 24pt jacket with download card included. Recorded live at The Vera Project in Seattle WA. The record is an exact representation of the set without edits (except for a fade out/in for the side break) for time or tuning or any of that other shit that lesser bands do.


01. Gare Montparnasse
02. Guernica
03. Light Trapped IVa
04. Man In The Cafe
05. Pigeon II
06. Stacked Logs
07. Time Lapse
08. Light Trapped IVb
09. 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
10. Comfort Food
11. Four Pillars
12. Light Trapped IVc
13. Light Trapped
14. Quality Of Death
15. Modern Vision Of The Erect Nightmare
16. Light Trapped IVd
17. Black Iron Prison
18. Trapped Light