GULAABRitt durch den Hades

Label: Merlins Nose
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Ultra-rare lost psychedelic Kraut-Folk from 1979. First time on CD! Taken from the original mastertapes! Gulaab means “rose” in Nepalese language. Gulaab is a German virtuoso on the acoustic guitar who has served three years as an after dinner musician in a luxury restaurant in Nepal to play for an amazing number of well known personalities of the 20th century during the early 70s. A strongly influential experience that shaped his musical expression big time but also let him become an open minded spirit. “Ritt durch den Hades” is the result of his experimentation with sounds, atmospheres and a multitude of styles in traditional music from Latin to Eastern Asian elements. It was first released in 1979, vanishing into obscurity soon after , waiting to be rediscovered by a more open minded generation of music lovers now. Traditionalists be forewarned : This mystic grail of 70s “kraut folk” stands far out from the average folk and singer / songwriter stuff combining guitar harmonies of the highest order with a cosmic drone that backs up the hypnotizing picking and trippy swirls of sounds. This album is in fact more like a musical journey than just a piece of music taking you from secret sacrificial altars in the Andes to the ceremonial places of the ancient Himalayan population with a short stopover for a little “joint venture” in the musical space centers of highly flown out German originators like ASH RA TEMPEL / Manuel Göttsching, POPUL VUH / Florian Fricke, WITTHÜSSER & WESTRUPP, BRÖSELMASCHINE, DOM or DEUTER. Now take a ride through Hades with GULAAB!


01. Die Zeit
02. Machtkampf
03. Sing, Gevatter Tod, Sing
04. Das Orakel
05. Die Bestattung
06. Ritt Durch Den Hades
07. Bruder Des Windes
08. Alkaios
09. Dionysos - Gott Des Weines
10. Tanz Der Nymphen
11. Ikaros
12. Silberstern
13. Artemis - Göttin Der Jagd
14. Derwisch
15. Reinkarnation
16. Heimkehr