HA DET BRASocietea for Two

Genre: Noiserock
Label: Geenger

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Artikelnummer: 014899 Veröffentlichung: Wed, 23 Aug 2017


Excellent return from the pioneers of the Croatian noise-rock scene after a longer discography pause. Started way back at the beginning of the nineties, Ha Det Bra was at the forefront of the genre. Sharp, original, loud, distorted and without compromise to themselves and others. Their live shows are pretty intense and wrecking in every aspect. So much emotions delivered through microphone and amps that is ‚a must‘ to be experienced. Imagine a roller coaster with no intention of stopping anytime soon. The album comes as a breath of fresh air at the right time. Packed in a beautiful gatefold with art by very talented man Tomislav Torjanac it is truly an eye feast. For fans of Jesus Lizard, Shellac and Unsane.


01. Burn the Maid
02. In Lies
03. Sleeping With the Werewolf
04. Michael's Nightmyers
05. Merry Christmas and Lots of Ho Ho Ho's
06. Lowthing
07. Hospital St. Grail
08. Mustafa the Tyrant
09. The Song My Dad Taught Me
10. Us in the Desert
11. Preacherman
12. Little Clown
13. Under the Mould
14. The Owner of Tombstones