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Heiko Maile and Julian Demarre, both pop musicians and film composers, have been collaborating since the mid-90s album classic „MEANWHILE“ by Camouflage. While Heiko continued pursuing the perfect pop song, they both landed their first feature film score gigs. In recent years while working together on several films, they felt they should create something for themselves – a love letter to 70s and 80s electronic music. With some esoteric 1970s keyboards from Japan designed for the sound of tomorrow they have now recorded an album for all the days after tomorrow. The result is the genre-bending album NEOSTALGIA, a unique blend of various electronic styles and 1970s Krautrock with pieces featuring intros/outros, flutes, flanger guitars and vocoders, and tracks pushing the six-minute mark.


01. Patience
02. Reflection (Dark Horses)
03. Number Stations
04. Serengeti Ostinato
05. Universal Universe
06. Helios
07. Melancholia
08. Between Trees
09. Hollow Earth
10. Eternal Drift