Genre: Postpunk
Label: Moonlee
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Artikelnummer: 017414 Veröffentlichung: Fri, 03 Jan 2020


On their second album IAMDISEASE, hardcore veterans from Slovenia, continue where they left off with their previous album. The tradition of metallized hardcore of the early 90’s is here further extended and combined with Black Flag’s proto-sludge and the hybrid application of various extreme metal subgenres, predominantly black and death metal. Clocking just under 25 minutes, these 7 new tracks offer a consistent execution of fast-paced rhythms, jangly, dark guitar riffs with discordant melodic passages and precise bass lines under a rasp, angry vocal that delivers engaged messages to the listener. The resulting recording is an interesting blend of sounds that is nowadays found in less than a few local bands, and a welcoming addition to a progressing hardcore scene.
Featuring members of bands as Man In The Shadow, Low Punch, The Hoax Problem, Elodea, Kennyball Smith and A Murder Theory.


01. Praznina
02. Zival, ne clovek
03. Vecno vracanje istega
04. Kako bi bilo, ce bi Slovenija imela kolonije
05. Skupaj
06. Prag tolerance
07. Druga narava