IRREALEra Electrónica

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Artikelnummer: 018930 Veröffentlichung: Tue, 27 Sep 2022


Following up their 2020 EP Barcelona IRREAL delivers eight troglodyte anthems of radikal hardcore punk. Borrowing heavily from the Hear Nothing era DISCHARGE and echoing equally Suomi classics DESTRUKTIONS/ MELLAKKA and AOQ demo era CRO-MAGS, IRREAL creates a maelstrom of hypnotic feedback. Era Electrónica Catalan and Spanish anarchist lyrics bind the bands primitive sonic assault, delivering a modern hardcore punk record without an ounce of modern attitude. Punk as it is meant to be; nasty, aggressive, political and uncompromising.


01. Desorden
02. Carn Pell Sang
03. Segurata De TMB
04. Prensa Maldita
05. Era Electrónica
06. Dies De Foscor
07. Barcelona
08. Punt De No Retorn