Label: Phantom
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Well, there we have the salad, encouraged by positive feedback Isolationsgemeinschaft just carry on instead of simply disbanding after the first tape and the consequent LP to live on as a legend forever and ever. And if you then put on something like this LP, then at least I’m very glad that it wasn’t a flash in the pan. We’re still digging deep into the early 80’s, citing DAF, STAHLNETZ (with better lyrics), DEO and plenty of high profile pioneers of other styles, but finally getting to the heart of loose ends. „Der Tanz geht weiter“ is a bit darker than the debut, but it also perfects the sound to such an extent that I can hardly avoid giving it full points, because there’s not much room for improvement anymore. Completely successful retro trip that sounds so modern, as if there had never been a tape twist and a missing rewind bolus. Oh, if such a band had actually existed in the eighties, we would have been spared a lot of crap. – Ox


01. Loslassen
02. Monotonie
03. Leere
04. Anonym
05. Schwätzer
06. Durchhalteparole
07. Rost
08. Eis
09. Wortlos