Genre: Glam
Label: Dig! Records
  • LP
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Artikelnummer: 017665 Release Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2021


In this time of social-distancing and rethinking old norms, Josephine and Hershguy put their heads together (remotely) to create Stocky Tunes, a celebratory rock’n’roll smorgasbord of far-reaching sounds and sonic bedlam. The glam-punk crunch and hard-rock wizardry of the pairs’ respective erstwhile projects (Dirty Fences, Brower, and previously Velveteen Rabbit) are all in play, with added forays into art rock and post punk (á la Roxy Music, Sparks, The Quick, the Slits, Gang of Four et al.).
Doubling down on the adventurous and genre-shirking spirit of their solo efforts, Stocky Tunes is as iconic as it is peerless. Dig lyrics comprised of ribald Yiddish slang of yore (“Cockamun”, “Punim Pisher”, etc.) beside modernized protest songs of the day (“Walk Out Loud” and “This is Track 11”—FUCK 12!!!). Whether you’re already a fan, or a seeker stopping by, Stocky Tunes offers nourishment you’ll crave.


01. Passerelle
02. Let's Jet
03. No Macher
04. This is Track 11
05. Shtik Fleysh
06. Punim Pisher
07. Futz
08. Nitemareboi
09. Cockamun
10. Walk Out Loud
11. Mixed Up
12. Heads
13. Bonne Soirée