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WEEED is an American biocosmic rock n roll band from Portland, Oregon, formed in 2009. The band consists of Gabriel Seaver (guitar, bass, vocals, keyboards), Mitchy Fosnaugh (guitar, vocals, flute), John Goodhue (drums), Evan Franz (drums), and Ian Hartley (percussion). They are known for their cathartic, rhythm heavy live shows and for blending progressive compositions with improvisation and trance. Do You Fall? will be their seventh full length release.
Music trance, letting go, relinquishment, releasing, catharsis… these themes are represented in the title. Falling can be seen as a foundational experience of being human and learning to walk on this Earth. It is associated with grief and loss, as well as new love. This theme of falling is deeply tied to the context in which this music came to be. Sometimes songs may serve as the catalyst and the medicine for emotional transformation.


01. Hey There
02. Ants And Bats
03. Life Is Cool
04. Eddie Cousin
05. Summer !
06. Fried
07. Good To Me
08. Tomb / Beach
09. Trench Foot
10. Sleep