LUBOYNARadio Luboyna

Genre: Jazz / Fusion
Label: Geenger

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Artikelnummer: 014892 Veröffentlichung: Wed, 23 Aug 2017


For Macedonian world music group Luboyna, creating boundary-breaking music is a way of life. Over the course of 15 years, it has wilfully broken boundaries and conventions within its entertaining song structures. In doing so, Luboyna has been successfully navigating the musical opposites of composition and improvisation both in the studio and live and has expanded what is generally known as Balkan Music. While its heart and soul are deeply and firmly rooted in Macedonia and its music traditions, the band’s musical worldview has always been evidently eclectic. Mac music is the foundation and Luboyna successfully brings a lot of various musics into that foundation. Influences from across the pop, jazz, improv, electronica, and soul realm abound, all held together with unbounded enthusiasm, addictive melodies, and hooks. The band’s album Radio Luboyna which marks the Luboyna’s 15th anniversary reflects all of that and much more.


01. Ogreala mesechina
02. Stani da ne stanish
03. Galichnik via New York
04. Mnogu mi go falat vasheto devojche
05. Kratovo via Brazil
06. Bairo via Bebek
07. Mome odi za voda
08. Ohrid via Dolmabahce