MINX / ZIMMERMANMinx / Zimmerman

Genre: Electronic

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Artikelnummer: 015553 Release Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2018


Minx / Zimmerman were a duo comprised of Don Minx (Marq van Broekhoven, now a well known comics artist) and Aldomir Zimmerman (Tonnie Eiting), two friends from the city of Eindhoven, who were into comics, avant–garde music and homemade cassette recordings. Influenced by diverse bands / artists such as John Foxx, Brian Eno, Fad Gadget, Sparks or Devo, (among many others), they decided to release an album. „Minx / Zimermman“ was the result, self–released on their Freudian Backroom label, now very sought–after by minimal wave collectors.


01. Song For Alice
02. Dreams That Money Can Buy
03. Days On A Mountain
04. Good Old Days
05. Tearoom In The Train
06. Batavia