MORON`S MORONSWhite Brothel Creepers

Genre: Garagepunk
Label: Wanda
  • 7" lim
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Artikelnummer: 018729 Veröffentlichung: Sun, 12 Jun 2022


Fuck, yes! Wickedly said: The best NEW BOMB TURKS rip off east of Columbus, OH. Enthusiastically said: MORON’S MORONS from Warsaw (!) have the right shoe size to walk in NBT footsteps. And the right model to go with it: White brothel shoes (See cover pic). Lawless Dick Stingher, Turd Awesome, John Pauly Shore II and Philo Phuckphace fire off a furious garage firework of TURKS-grace with their three songs, delivering a rabidly exploding psycho feeling with B-movie romance on a limited seven inch. Crazy, weird and goddamn rockin‘! „!!Destroy-Oh-Boy!!“ flashes at all corners of the padded cell, rotating rollercoaster madness of the 77 punk RAWK league. And again: Fuck, yes!


01. White Brothel Creepers
02. Alexa
03. Lipstick