PARTISANSavage Peace

Label: Isolation
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Artikelnummer: 018972 Release Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2022


With a creation far bigger than the sum of its parts, the 3 members that make up Partisan have produced a lavish and far-reaching album with their latest release ‚Savage Peace‘. Already having several other well received releases under their collective belt and with a line-up consisting of members of Oathbreaker and Rise And Fall, they have covered a lot of ground and are building on some very solid foundations with their unique amalgamation of musical styles.

Although it may be easiest to sum up the band as a post-punk group, this would be doing them a massive disservice as they clearly have influences that extend far beyond those boundaries. This translates into their sound and makes for a very refreshing approach that pays homage to some of the greats from the early 80s punk scene but also allows them to break new ground while maintaining a high degree of stylistic consistency. Being seasoned veterans of the Belgian underground scene, it is clear to see how they have managed to amass such a high level of musical aptitude and translate it into their songwriting.

The 8 songs on ‚Savage Peace‘ form an accurate representation of where the band currently are in their musical journey. Being open and honest, they have shed some of the more aggressive aspects in favour of a stripped down approach yet they still manage to keep the same sense of urgency; a feature which has always been present in their sound. Part of the reason for this and adding an extra degree of natural charm is the fact that it was recorded live. This has been showcased extremely well by their well thought out production and mixing choices (Michäel Neyt, Jetson) and mastering (Jack Shirley, The Atomic Garden, San Francisco, USA). The bright sounding guitar, full bass and punchy drums create a cohesive sound upon which the vocals sit superbly. The overall balanced and rich tone gives the listener a satisfying experience and makes for a truly original sounding record.

Thematically, the album explores ideas of doubt and acceptance. An extremely relatable subject matter, it not only allows the band to voice their interpretation but also lets the listener to delve into a world where they can ruminate on these topics. This existential quandary weaves an eye-opening look at the fragility of our individual and collective lives and how we navigate through these situations in order to find some sense of peace and hope.


01. I Believe In You
02. Fear
03. Patience
04. Heaven
05. Man In Revolt
06. Without A Word
07. Shame
08. Savage Peace