PROTESTERAKampen Går Vidare

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Artikelnummer: 018531 Veröffentlichung: Thu, 17 Feb 2022


After Operation have split up some members formed with their friends a new collective called „Protestera“. In comparison to „Operation“ they deliver more midtempo A-Punk, but nonetheless it’s way more aggressive than Operation ever were. On top of it they added a drum machine to their line-up & somehow they managed it that it sounds like a real drummer!! Overall lyrical topic is the title „The Struggle Continues“. The Lp comes with a 32 pages booklet filled with political lyrics and indebt explanations about the topics they’re dealing with in both Swedish & English. Raging stuff!!


01. Intro
02. Kompromisslös Kamp
03. Kärlekssången
04. Ekokamp
05. Vår Media
06. Globalt Uppror
07. Direkt Aktion
08. Dom Kan Mörda Revolutionärerna Men Inte Revolutionen
09. Folklighet?...
10. ...Livsstilism
11. Kamp Mot Murarna
12. Outro