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Artikelnummer: 018255 Veröffentlichung: Tue, 26 Oct 2021


Breakneck audio level destruction from Quarantine on their first full length release. The demo was a glimmer of perfected USHC pastiche but “Agony” pushes the limits of aggression to some kind of land speed no man’s land where UNITED MUTATION, GUDON, and “MY AMERICA” (FU’s) are firing live ammunition into each other’s boomboxes in a bid for hardcore punk long play supremacy. Instant classic from a group of utterly blue chip musicians on the label that can’t be beat. (Jonah Falco)


01. Will To Kill
02. DNA Control
03. Shadow People
04. Mouth Off
05. Tired Of You II
06. Tired Of You
07. Disgrace
08. For What?
09. Suffocating Rule
10. Targeted
11. Who's To Blame
12. Self Ashamed
13. Media Psychosis
14. A.I. Race