QUICK, BILLMaravillosa gente

Genre: Folk
Label: Guerssen

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Artikelnummer: 014377


Mysterious Bill Quick?.this guy was son of North- American dad and Venezuelan mum, and landed in Madrid in the early 70s, spending most of his time playing music and manufacturing leather belts and other stuff that he later sold at the popular Rastro flea market in Madrid, meeting point for all hippies of the time.
He somehow got in touch with famous producer Alain Milhaud, who got really impressed by his work and quickly offered him a deal for recording a long- play to be released in Milhauds own Explosion label. Then Bill recruited some of top studio musicians and foreign friends who were also living in Madrid at the time; the list of people who play on the recordings is impressive: Salvador Dominguez & Chema Pellicó (ex- Cerebrum), Rafa Gálvez (later on Vainica Dobles backing band), Frank Rojas (Sangre), Jess Lam (Jess & James)?and up to eleven musicians joined Bill in the recording studio. As a result, ?Maravillosa gente? (Beautiful people) was recorded. Ranging from beautiful, introspective, acoustic solo tracks like ?Beautiful People?, ?Only the weather? or the acid- folk of ?Winters gonna come? to full backing- band hard- edged ones like ?Take me away?, ?Somebody? and the folk- rock sounding of ?With you, Lord? or ?I sing this song?, the album is a real treat from start to finish. It has an awesome sound and amazing production (it was recorded at one of the most advanced Spanish recording studios at the time), along with top musicianship and Bills amazing songwriting. A real big ticket that was absolutely ignored in Spain at the time, and even today remains unknown to most of folk- rock collectors and fans. Curious enough, the album got released in Brazil as well (with poor sales again), with a different cover artwork. Now this is reissued for the first time, including a booklet with pictures and detailed liner notes telling the wonderful and strange story of this mysterious musician and carefully remastered sound. Outer carton slimcase.