Reino ErmitanoReino Ermitano

Label: Necio

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The first album of the band has marked a milestone in regards to peruvian doom/folk. Already considered by the audience as a cult band in Peru, and in much of Latin America, has consolidated his career in tours of Europe (2009 and 2014) sharing the stage with world-class bands such as TROUBLE, PAGAN ALTAR, SAINT VITUS, to participate in great festivals of the style like DOOM SHALL RISE and DOOM OVER VIENNA.


01. El Ensoñador
02. Las Hadas
03. Fortaleza
04. Espacio Interior
05. Melquiades
06. Letargo
07. Celda del Dolor
08. Profundidades de las Sombras
09. Birro, el Móbido
10. Las Mariposas