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Tony Malacara is a Mexican American musician/artist based in Southern California. For 11 years, Malacara performed internationally with a well known garage rock band (from Switzerland to Spain to the UK), playing festivals like Austin Psychfest, opening for iconic 60s groups including the Zombies and the Standells, and sharing bills with Ronnie Specktor and Roky Erickson.
Malacara’s first solo album is psychedelic and dreamy with sinister undertones. A self taught musician, Tony writes and sings his songs, overdubbing bass, guitar, piano, organ and mellotron for recordings. Tony Russo, Malacara’s lead guitarist and longtime childhood friend, provides polished, floaty structure while Shane Graham of Dream Phases provides intuitive and precise drums and percussions. The album was recorded in LA by the talented musician and recording engineer Joel Jerome. Influenced by hazy visions of witches and ghosts, Malacara transports you into an otherworldly realm that hovers between the hopeful and the ominous.


01. A Look In Her Eyes
02. Gadot
03. Harvest Woman
04. Ghostly Shadows
05. Autumn Song
06. Harmony Grove
07. My Love Shall Grow
08. Bitter Sweet Bloom
09. Speak To Thy Moon
10. Lucid Dream