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God damn, I can’t describe how great this DVD is. It’s real simple- you’re a grind fan: get this. I mean how many grind compilation DVDs are there? Not many, and certainly not many as well-done as this. This DVD documents the festival of the same name held last summer in Germany set up by the consistently excellent Power it Up label. Two to five songs each from 13 bands altogether, mostly from the German scene (CYNESS, AUTORITAR, BIZARRE X, SKRUPEL, NEURON, ENTRAILS MASSACRE, SANITYS DAWN, etc), but also a few international guests like Holland’s F.U.B.A.R. and the show’s obvious highlights- BIRDFLESH and BATHTUB SHITTER. For anyone even remotely interested, this is a great way to experience these bands whom most of us (in the States anyway) will never get to see. Virtually every band delivers a charged energetic performance, and it’s great to see the personality of each band coming through. Plus the recording quality is very professional- both the audio and the visuals are crystal clear. Can’t recommend this enough. (EL) Maximum Rocknroll