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Rising out of the smokey Parisian Mai 68 shrapnel and claiming his stake as the first French vampire movie director, the inimitable father of European Horrortica, Jean Rollin (1938-2010) has smudged the painted face of surrealist cinema for over five decades. Dragging his roots from beneath the Letterist/Situationist movements, avant-garde theatre and Belgian fine art groups and entwining them around the minds of sexual revolutionaries, the European comic book cognoscenti and the Parisian free jazz and rock scenes, Rollin stopped at nothing to bring his macabre phantasies of zygotic vampyrism and backwoods blood cults to Gallic cinematheques and beyond. Celebrating the immortal legacy of the late director Finders Keepers Records compile a detailed and comprehensive music cabinet of some of the finest musical moments from his initial directorial decade between 1968-1979, which provided a m much needed platform for the freak rock and free jazz that mirrored the distorted erotic visions in his own mind’s eye. Imagine Gong-gone-wrong meeting the Art Ensembles Of Châteauroux… Fantasy pop groups mutate and thrive within…


01. Yvon Gerault – Blind Songbird
02. Acanthus – Le Frisson Des Vampires
03. Pierre Raph – Gilda & Gunshots
04. Pierre Raph – Crotch Batterie
05. François Tusques – Golden Panther
06. Acanthus – La Château
07. Yvon Gerault – Fallen Dancer
08. Pierre Raph – Batterie Fields
09. Acanthus – Wedding Party
10. Pierre Raph – Jewel Thieves
11. Pierre Raph – Jade Lake
12. François Tusques – Abstract Procession
13. Acanthus – Flightless Bird
14. Yvon Gerault – Blue Doll Baroque
15. Pierre Raph – Jeunes Filles Impudiques
16. Acanthus – Doux-Reveil
17. Yvon Gerault – Skittles
18. François Tusques – Croque Weasel
19. Acanthus – La Cite Rouge