Label: Iron Lung
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Artikelnummer: 019894 Release Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2023


Back in 2010, Bog People were the band everyone was talking about. Speedy UK82 punk infused with heaps of chorus and fuzz with live shows that were psychotic and colorful fog machined melees. Word spread like wildfire. The demo was out and burning up every fuckin’ boombox in the country. And then a teaser split 7” came out that was just a couple tracks from the same demo session. People were frothing at the mouth for new recordings. And then, they vanished, back into the bog from whence they came. But not before tracking an LP. A doomed session that was deemed too “speedy” and therefore, abandoned. All kinds of rumors circulated: “Did they get abducted and mind erased?”, “Where is ‘the bog’ located and did they fall in?”, “Did they break up?”, “Did they get arrested?”…and we have been waiting ever since.


01. Dark Skies
02. Constant Torture
03. Slow Green Peace
04. No More
05. Depression
06. Illusions
07. Chaos Tribes
08. Education
09. Bog-Man
10.Mass Effect
11. Birth Defects
12. Rancid Bodies