BOUND BY ENDOGAMYHuit Cauchemars D'une Machine Fêlée

Genre: Postpunk
  • LP
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Geneva’s two-headed beast gives birth to a debut album on vinyl. Disciples of the DAF school (machine, vocals, drums) and appreciated for their incandescent live performances, the duo Bound By Endogamy have signed an opus revealing a wide range of references. These include ebm, synth-punk, minimal wave, electro-funk and power electronics. This artful gloubi-boulga is digested, processed and recomposed with a raw, relentless minimalist approach.
Like so many bad dreams, the eight tracks follow one another in a sinister, psychotic climate, shrouded in sonic violence and nihilistic poetic surrealism. The whole album is built on the original rhythms of the CR-78, the legendary wooden drum machine produced by Roland in the late 70s. The analog synth instrumental tracks are mostly haunted by the voice of Kleio Thomaïdes, whose intensity is one of the highlights of the record ; the amplitude of her vocal range extends from the susurrations of a stewardess on Xanax to the guttural borborygms of a demonic child devoted to exorcism. The vinyl is published by a coalition of three labels. Les Disques Mauvais Garçons, affiliated with the Born Bad store in Paris. Màgia Roja, the Barcelona-based collective label of Dame Area. And Les Disques Bongo Joe from Geneva. The unprecedented association of these three labels with singular and demanding artistic lines should be enough to arouse the curiosity of even the most impassive music connoisseur.


01. Machine In Crisis
02. Sacre Du Printemps
03. Autoreduction
04. L'écho De Nos Cris
05. 00010 01110 01100 01111 10100 10011 00000 10011 01000 01110 01101
06. The Devouring Dream
07. Ergophobia
08. Souffle Maudit