BRORLABWorking Out In Heaven

Genre: Electropunk
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Artikelnummer: 019685 Release Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2023


We first fell in love with Antwerp’s BRORLAB with an urgently abrasive EP which ranked amongst our faves of 2020. Fast forward to 2023 and they are back with a totally out of control 12” of modern fuckwave. The A side is seven new songs of their trademark dadaist electronic punk, full of fuzz guitars and sharp nasty beats, with a vocalist that fits perfectly the Honey Bane – Chitose vocal range and smart attitude. The B side brings bang back to life the 8 tracks from their criminally obscure debut EP, which will make any lover of ear-damaging noise smile with pleasure. All in all an aberrant slice of psychedelic gabber infused punk for the end of time.


01. Shitty Oven
02. Digital Extermination
03. Anyway The Wind Blows
04. Plutoplanetaryskies
05. Work Out In Heaven
06. Tom Cruisifiction
07. You Need Corn
08. Pee Is The Solution
09. Energy > Allergy
10. Fruit Eating Ninja
11. Football Is For Soccers
12. Second Animation
13. Explanations
14. Roll With The Punches
15. Mister Watch