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Artikelnummer: 019190 Veröffentlichung: Fri, 03 Mar 2023


BULLS SHITT from the west coast capital of Sweden, Gothenburg, brings another hardcore assault on us. With short explosive outbursts of relentless speed, BULLS SHITTs take on what local heroes COMMITMENT CREW produced a decade and a half earlier also reminisces of great acts such as INFEST or KNIFE FIGHT.

After a celebrated demo cassette, BULLS SHITT were headhunted for both the GREETINGS FROM SWEDEN and FLUBBER WORLD comps that demonstrated the dynamic and strength that is swedish hardcore today. Quarantined Fanzine & Records are now extremely proud to present to you the debut EP „This Is…Bulls Shitt“. If „6 tracks in less than 6 minutes“ hardcore is your thing, you are in for a treat.


01. Take No Heroes
02. The Joke
03. Spectator
04. Presence
05. Time After Time
06. Strong (But Ugly)