CONSTANT COLD WARConstant Cold Compilation

Genre: Postpunk
  • LP
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Artikelnummer: 018947 Release Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2022


Waving the second flag of LPS, complete with a murky minimal-post-punk tuxedo, is the one-man project Constant Cold War. Throbbing drum-machines lay frigid rhythmical bricks in the construction of a dystopian monotone structure. A crumbling sideroad further corrupted by insistent guitar clatter and a deep, contorted voice. CCW’s songs make up a dreary, lucid soundtrack for modern-day living, an ominous pulsation slowly degrading our ‘Posture’ until we find ourselves squashed into a ‘Hole’ of inner vacuity. CCW is Marian Gmeiner – an established artist producer, emerging from the innovative DIY punk/post-punk scene of Berlin and Graz, who has already left his mark with work in projects such as Catholic Guilt, Cult Values, Imposition Man and many more.
As part of Le Petit Signal ritual, this record is released on 12” vinyl, risograph-printed, glued, stamped and crafted by hand, and limited to 100 copies only.


01. Hole
02. Tormentor
03. Chaser
04. Posture
05. Grelles Licht
06. Spectacular Man
07. Lipstick On A Pig
08. Dog Eat Dog