Genre: Noiserock
Label: Expert Work
  • LP
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Artikelnummer: 019566 Release Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2023


Coward, a Kansas City-based post-hardcore band. The band recorded this 12? EP in Milwaukee, WI, with the help of Shane Hochstetler of Howl Street Recordings, and it was supposed to be the follow-up record to the Coward LP. However, these songs were almost lost forever due to the malfunctioned hard drive. Fortunately, with the help of Element Studios in Kansas City, the EP was discovered and brought back to life. The EP features five instrumental songs that showcase the band’s musical range and versatility. From the dual drumming experimentations, jaw-dropping keyboard leads, themes, harmonies, and melodies to the heavily distorted basslines and various shreds, virtuosities, and improvisations delivered on raging guitars, Coward cleverly blends intricate prog rock with catchy jazz, post-rock, math rock, and post-hardcore textures. Every note beat, and melody is delivered with mindblowing precision and intention, revealing Coward’s technical prowess and commitment to the craft.
This exceptional extended play release commences with Annoying Is Half The Battle, a dynamic piece that starts with drum fills but immediately transits into a harmonious collision of powerful riffs, keyboard leads, and moderate beats. The band’s ability to seamlessly blend some of the finest properties of the beforementioned styles goes beyond comprehension so many times during this track, but it’s also vividly hearable on the remainder of this release. Compositions like Working In The Garden, The Thing About January Is, Simon’s Quest, and Heroin Trumpet include many sonic delicacies and rhythmic sequences often delivered in various time signatures, tempos, and other non-standard features. The band bursts with sheer power, dynamics, and mesmerizing ambiance achieved by blending all the abovementioned instruments. Every musician showcases a comprehensive collection of impressive ideas distilled into precise musicianship. The collisions between the keyboard, guitars, and bass are particularly noteworthy, and they flawlessly match everything these drummers have up their sleeves.
Thankfully, the band managed to save these recordings because it would be such a shame if these tracks were lost forever. Their EP is a testament to the band’s skill, creativity, and dedication to their craft. Each song is a masterclass in musicianship, showcasing the band’s impressive range of influences and their ability to seamlessly blend different genres and styles. The dual-drummer lineup is a particular highlight, adding depth and complexity to each track while never overwhelming the other instruments. The band’s decision to keep the songs instrumental also allows them to showcase their technical abilities without sacrificing the emotional impact of the music.
This self-titled EP comes on a limited one-sided 12 ” vinyl housed in a high-quality cardboard sleeve decorated with eye-peeling ornaments. The black inlay carries a band photo and information about this record. As usual, Expert Work Records have put tremendous effort into the packaging, so prepare yourself for a fantastic audio and visual experience.


01. Annoying Is Half The Battle
02. Working In The Garden
03. The Thing About January Is...
04. Simon's Quest
05. Heroin Trumpet