DATASHOCKGeltungsbereich Universum

Genre: NDW
Label: Bureau B
  • LP
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Artikelnummer: 019374 Release Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2023


All the herbs have been smoked. Datashock deliver a new album: “Geltungsbereich Universum”. Their second for Bureau B and the eighth in a career as an internationally active collective of musicians which has spanned two decades (so far). Space is the place, as the moonstruck sparrows sing from the rooftops, or is the Earth the most beautiful place in the universe? Some say yes, others no. Datashock say nothing at all.
Twenty years and counting, and yet here they are, as shoulder-shruggingly nonchalant as ever, in the environs of pop culture, where (seeing) the wood for the trees means the world. What’s going down, what’s not? What the heck! Is this still krautrock, is it space rock or experimental music? What’s the difference? Does it even matter? What’s important is that something is happening. This much we know. And now something else has happened. A new Datashock release: Geltungsbereich Universum. Of course, it couldn’t be any other way. Why set themselves limits? That has never been a concern for them. Even if, in all likelihood, they don’t make it into space, at least not this year, they have been most places and always stick to their own thing. Which is what, exactly? That’s for others to decide. The critique? This is your captain speaking, … your captain is dead. Use your ears. Listen closely and take your time to discover the musical spheres – the infinite worlds – of Datashock. For card-carrying space travellers only!


01. Aus der Körperzone raus
02. Zu viel Zeit, zu wenig Möglichkeiten
03. Tinnitus isst Außenwelt
04. Spaziergang im Leguangarten
05. Wolf im Schlafsack
06. Knast im Bauch, Echo in der Birne
07. Wasser weck & Gin im Spiel. Ballet in 2 Akten