DEADSTOOLPIGEONHit The Bastards Where It Hurts. 1995 - 1997

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Their complete discography from 1995 to 1997, contains all their songs from „This World“, „Strike Anthem“ and „Statue“ plus two additional cover versions. 30 Smashers with a communist agenda. After ManLiftingBanner have been put to ashes, Michiel and Burt team up with Pepijn and Thomas from Amsterdams infamous punk-bands NRA and Human Alert. The contents are handled with the same passion and intelligence as with MLB in the early days. Food for thought for all you non-believers. As for the music, it can be caught somewhere between the vibes of Underdog and traditional HC. It’s all pretty raw and unleashed, but always catchy and unique. For the first time, released on vinyl after 25 years.


01. Clockface
02. This World
03. Die Empty
04. Across The Limit
05. Carving
06. No Man Alone
07. Less Than Half Man
08. Scrape
09. Hunt Down
10. Charity For The Rich
11. Retribute
12. B.U.R.T.
13. Dead Weight
14. Militant / B.T.V.
15. Strike Anthem
16. Times Like These
17. Motive
18. Commitment
19. True Blue
20. Broken Man
21. Gonna Burn
22. Adrift
23. Motive
24. Gimme Some
25. Statue
26. World To Win
27. Bones Skin Flesh
28. Times Like These
29. Traitor
30. The End Of It
31. Rising Tide